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Address: 406 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8TR

ADALYA UK LIMITED (company# 13212777) is a company registered with Companies House, United Kingdom.

ADALYA TOBACCO is a global brand created by a tobacco expert, who was born on a tobacco farm in 1963, graduated from the university with the title of Technology Engineer in Tobacco in 1986 and started managing his cafeteria after spending several years in the tobacco sector, what emerged from his crossing paths with tobacco when he ran the cafeteria.


The search for a high-quality tobacco product to offer customers of Adalya Café that started its services in 2004, in consideration of its requests for Nargile scents created the idea of ​​establishing a production plant, and thus, an established plant in 2003 it was bought and production began in 2007. Our production, which was oriented to the domestic market at the beginning, began to expand in the export by the brand Adalya, in a short time and the brand became the most preferred brand for the Nargile smokers.


Having set in motion for the sake of becoming a global leader at the start, Adalya moved to his new factory, whose base had been set up in 2016 in İzmir , in 2017 and thus began to produce the best Nargile tobacco in the world in the factory in progress.


All Adalya products are produced using the flavors appropriate to European Union regulations and selected high quality tobacco. Being the largest nargile tobacco producer in Turkey and the second largest in the world, for the time being, Adalya Tobacco became the leader of all the markets where it launches its products. The reputation of the Adalya brand that was recognized in Europe in the first place was extended to other regions in a short time and to Asia and America afterwards.


Taking a leading role in its sector for the attention given in R & D and innovation, as well as new types offered to the market, Adalya Tobacco continues marching on its way to become the best known Turkish brand in the world by individuals.


Having defined in 2018 as the year of entering the markets of countries of the Middle East and Africa; Adalya Tobacco aims to become the world's largest Nargile tobacco producer in 2019.